About gymw.com

GYMW.com was created in 1998.  At the time I was and information technology professional who was looking to start a consulting business.  GYMW or Get Your Money’s Worth is a philosophy I have always striven to provide in every company I have worked.  At the time I purchased this domain, I thought I’d use that philosophy as the foundational premise of the consulting business.

I also finished my dual MBA’s in Operations Management and Marketing at the University of Memphis (UofM).  With the encouragement of my wife and one of the professors at the UofM, I enrolled in the Operations Management PhD program at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics with a Strategic Management minor.  Through various trials, I was able to finish my coursework, but I was not able to finish my dissertation before my “clock” ran out 12 years later.

Since 2010, I’ve been a “stay-at-home dad” and worked off and on with my brother Craig to create a couple different Android phone apps.

The first app, PhotoSnap!, was designed for mobile device photo enhancements (no longer available on the Google Play Store).  It wasn’t a “filters” app, but rather took advantage of sophisticated computational photographical enhancement technologies Craig developed, which went well beyond the current mobile state-of-the-art.  My brother did the heavy lifting with that app (i.e. 99+%). 😉  While PhotoSnap! is not in active development, we intend to incorporate many of its current features, and many that didn’t make it into the app, into our current app.  This app allowed us to work with the Android platform and understand how to get the most out of it.

The second app, still in alpha development, is a communications app.  Yes, there are many communications apps available on Android phones.  We think we will have a unique take on these that will, eventually, make it the standard bearer for electronic communications (e.g. text, messaging, email, etc.).  Craig is doing the heavy lifting again (programming), while I am using my experience with computer users (15+ years in IT) to guide the user interface/user experience design, web site, social media, promotion, etc.  We hope to have a release candidate either by the end of 2015 or 1st quarter 2016.  In total, we already have over a combined 15,000 development hours invested since 2010.

You can bet that the philosophy of “Get Your Money’s Worth” will also be a critical part of this app!

With this second app, we have a 5 year business plan outlined.  With this long-term plan, we hope this will become a successful business.  Time will tell…

When we get the communications app web site up, I’ll create a link to it here.

Thanks for coming by!